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Let's Take a Vacation (Part 2)

Our vacation was well underway and one of our kids actually said, "today was better than I thought it was going to be." That ladies and gentlemen is what we call a "parenting win." They are rare, but when they show up, they are beautiful.

We spent three days going back and forth between Savannah and Tybee Island. We mixed up our daily schedule every day, but we spend time shopping, hanging out at the beach (North side...don't let anyone tell you the other beaches are better), and eating at some cool spots.

I'll tell you about two specific spots we enjoyed. In Savannah, we hit up Hitch one night. They had some unique options so we wrapped a few. Pancake Tacos, Chicken and Waffles, and a Chicken sandwich with baked cinnamon apples on top. All were delicious and we'd definitely go back. We also stopped at a place called Chamacos on Tybee. Let's just say, they have the "street taco" experience down. I (Jarred) have been able to spend some time in Tuxtapec and Oaxaca City, Mexico, and I've been able to enjoy some pretty amazing street tacos...Chamacos is as close as I've gotten to what the originals taste like. If you're ever on the island, do yourself a favor and grab a couple...and don't forget to get an order of churros.

The last night in town we decided to do something a little Bananas! That's right, we went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game. We only recently heard about the team through a podcast we listen to (Annie and Eddie Keep Talking Podcast), so we decided this would be a great way to end our they offered all you can eat concession food and who in their right mind would pass that up. So we all got some Savannah Bananas gear and headed out to the game and had an absolute blast. From the dancing baseball players to the owner dressed in bright yellow tux, there was nothing about the experience that we didn't like. We could not say this any louder...IF YOU GET A CHANCE TO GO TO A GAME...GO!!

So...that was our vacation...and it was wonderful.

Where did you go on vacation?


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