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Bark Box

Do you have a dog? We recently added a new pup to our family. He's just the cutest and best addition to the family. We researched several pet subscription boxes and decided BARK BOX was the best one for us. Each month we receive our box with 3 toys and 3 treats. Each month has a theme, and it's always the cutest. So far we have had Home Alone theme, Snoopy theme, and Spa Day (January box pictured below).

You get a box especially for your pet, based on size and age.

Here's a special code for an extra month FREE when you sign up for a 6 month subscription or a code for a EXTRA toy each month - you can choose which one you'd like!

Not sure you want to commit to a subscription box? You can buy some of the BARK toys at Target - I promise your pup will love them!

**all links are affiliate links, we make a small commission from them**

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