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Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is something that I was introduced to in 2017 and I've enjoyed it ever since. I Bible journal by taking notes in my Bible and design/draw out a verse. Drawing out the scriptures, helps me to memorize it. I always try to use different "fonts" whenever I Bible journal.

This is a book I use as a layout for my style of calligraphy, "Intro to Hand Lettering by: Bethany Meacham."

She gives amazing instructions on how to write letters, draw banners, how to shadow, how to draw flourishes, and how to write different styles of hand lettering.

I've also recently seen a trend where you paint the cover of your note-taking Bible and I decided to try it. I ended up trying a lion and the lamb theme for my Bible.

My go-to Bible journaling pens/markers: Crayola Supertip Markers and Pilot G-2 pens.

Note-taking Bibles are good Bibles to use. I usually buy note-taking Bibles with lines on the sides of the pages to keep better notes. This is the Bible I am currently using.

I also use Decorative tape and Illustrated Faith tabs to bookmark all my pages.

Here's a few of my favorite pages that I've done so far.

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed my Bible journaling, go check out my Instagram page! @mere_calligraphy


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