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Family Movie Night - The Jungle Book

Grab the kids and some food for a FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT!!! We love to have a menu theme to match the movie - you can keep it simple or go extravagant - either way the FAMILY will love it!!

A classic Disney movie - The Jungle Book - animated or live action - pick one or watch both!

Create a menu filled with things you know your family will eat. Here are a few suggestions:

King Louie's Jungle Mix (salad)

Baloo's Bear Necessities (gummie bears)

Kaa's Snake Bites (chicken nuggets)

Swinging Vines (green licorice)

Jungle Juice (any drink)

Look around the house to see what you already have - maybe you have a green plate or green napkins. Do you have any jungle stuffed animals - use those for decor. A green or khaki table cloth or fake plants - most importantly - ENJOY YOUR FAMILY TIME!!!!!

The idea is the be creative - get the kids involved too!!

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