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Funko Pops! and Collecting Nostalgia

Have you watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things? If you're a nostalgic person who spent a lot of time in the 80s like me, then this show will get you all up in your feels. It truly is one of the more thought through shows I've experienced. There are 3 seasons with a forth hopefully coming in 2021 (Covid has slowed down the release). So, you've got time to catch up if you're looking for something to binge.

The show has also began a drive to collect things. I know...probably not the best habit to have, but it's one I have acquired. Those "things" are Funko Pops! (as seen above). Here's the thing, I don't just go out and buy all of them up, I only look for the ones that would remind me of my past. From Back to the Future to Star Wars, and Voltron to He-Man, I'm collecting the things that bring back memories and emotions from my childhood. I think that's the beauty of Stranger Things...It's a pretty cool mixture of all the above.

Here are some of my favorites and know...just in case you want to start collecting nostalgia.

What are some things that remind you of your childhood?


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