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How About We Learn Disc Golf

So I was wondering, "what else should I add to my life?" We all ask that don't we? I'm (Jarred) is on a constant search to find all the things that I think are missing from my life. It's kind of who I've always been.

I decided a few months ago that disc golf was obviously the thing that was missing. So I entered into a brand new world...and it is vast. I honestly had no idea there was an actual Pro Disc Golf Association. It's an actual thing, and there are people who make a lot of money playing disc golf. It didn't take me long to realize I will not be one of those people.

That didn't change the fact that I actually liked it. My arm hurts afterwards, I've recently realized my youngest daughter almost throws it as far as me, and it's a pretty good form of exercise due to all the walking, but once you get kind of used to it, it's a blast.

Here's a link to a starter pack if you're thinking about giving it a try. Once you start, you will quickly want to upgrade to some new discs and fill up a small pack (like I did).

Here's one of my favorite discs if you want to get an idea of what's out there.

There's also a really cool app that shows you all the courses around you. You'll definitely want this app, because it keeps score for you too.

Get you some discs...get out there and have some fun.


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