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It's a Morgan Monday

It's a Morgan Monday is our weekly recap of all the happenings in our family with the hopes that you will be inspired to do something fun with your family every week. Be sure you check in weekly to see what's up.

This week, we helped a family member,right? But that meant a trip to Nashville. Anytime we are in Nashville, we try to make a stop at Topgolf. Helpful hint: If you go before noon during the week it's a little cheaper, so that's helpful for a family of 6!

If you've never been it's a must, because it's always a fun time with the family (unless you have a super competitive child that always wants to be the best at everything). Basically you take turns hitting golf balls and try to make it in the targets that range from 20 yards to 250 yards. There are all kinds of different variations of games, so the fun can last a while. Sometimes the best golfer isn't the winner, so be sure to go in ready for some fun family competition!!! Here's some good news for our Knoxville friends...TopGolf is coming to Knoxville.

We finished up the week with a little relaxing at a local swimming hole since most of the local pools are closed (due to Covid). Is it really summer if you don't have a huge unicorn float?!?!?!?

We bought this one at Walgreens, but you can find similar ones here.


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