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It's a Morgan Monday

Let's just say it was a pretty big week in the Morgan household last week. There are certain "landmarks" in a person's life they will remember forever. For the twins, one of those landmarks was this past week...that's right...we have two more drivers in the house. Well...they got their permits so they get to practice for a year. This is when I ask for your prayers (but look at those faces).

We also invited some friends over for dinner one night...they brought their dog...did I mention we love dogs? We also love friends who bring their dogs with them. Now's probably the time I need to also say our dog does not like other dogs.

Sometimes we just get a hankerin' to get out of the house and just go do something. Jen usually does a good job of researching and calling so we have multiple options. This past week we ended up at Big Ridge State Park. They have a great little place to swim and hang out next to the water. We set up an umbrella, inflated some floats and the kayaks and set ourselves up for a pretty good afternoon on the lake. We joke that our garage looks like we have a boat, because we got all the water toys (including life-jackets)...but that doesn't change the fact that we do not have a boat.


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