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It's A Morgan Monday

Who enjoyed FIREWORKS this weekend? We did! It was a bit different though - we didn't go anywhere (cause Covid), but enjoyed sitting in our driveway watching the neighbors' firework show. To which we can only say well done teenage neighbors.

Earlier in the week, we enjoyed some family time at Indian Boundary. A nice relaxing day floating on the water and soaking up the sun. We took our inflatable kayak and rented a paddle board (only $25 for four hours) - everyone enjoyed it. On the way home, we stopped to enjoy ice cream and milkshakes at a roadside diner just outside of Tellico Plains, TN!

Let's not forget HAMILTON on Disney+. Who watched it? We (Jarred and Jen) had the privilege of watching the show live last year in Louisville - it was unbelievably amazing. The girls were so excited to watch the show on Disney+. They of course already had the soundtrack memorized, so it was fun to sing along. We enjoyed a little Hamilton themed food while watching...imagine that. We may or may not have watched it more than once!


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