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The Great Outdoors!

Stress relief...a break from the norm...a change of scenery...I'm not sure what it was that was creating this urge in my life, but I was happy to scratch that itch. Jen and I made plans with her parents for them to hang out with the girls overnight, and we packed up the Kia Soul and headed out for a night in the great outdoors.

I spent a lot of my younger life camping and hanging out outside. I grew up in scouts and through scouting I gained a love and respect for nature. As I got older, opportunities for camping grew smaller and unfortunately I haven't found myself at a campsite in a long time. It was time to break up the monotony and head out for a fun night. After grabbing a tent, headlamps, lanterns, and a sleeping bag, we set out and set up in Townsend at a small campground.

There's really nothing like sitting underneath a starry sky on a cool night sitting next to a warm fire while having a wonderful conversation with the love of your life. It's almost like dreams come alive again and the future allows itself to be reimagined. Do you yourself a favor and get away...get away from it all and spend the night in nature.

When's the last time you were able to get away and spend some time under the stars?

Here's my list of what we packed and a link to all the goodness:


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