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Amazon Faves - school edition

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Confession - I love school supplies - It's so much fun for me to shop the school supply section!! Here are a few of my favorite things - I always use these mechanical pencils for writing in my lesson plan book (I know I'm old school with handwritten lesson plans - but it works for me)

Grading papers is much more fun if you use FLAIR PENS - the more colorful the better!!!!

Expo Markers in all the colors are perfect for writing all those objectives on the board - I don't like to use any other brand

My number one favorite school supply is POST IT NOTES - I can't live without them. Ask any of my students and they will tell you my desk is covered in post it notes - they are just perfect for all the things I need to remember on a daily basis. Only the brand name ones are worth it - no generic post it notes for me

A few other good school supplies I like to keep in my classroom

Diffuser - helps make the room smell better

What's your favorite school supply?

Check out some of my favorite teacher outfits here- #loftpartner #commissionearned


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