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Family Game Night - whodunit

Family Game Nights are so fun - but even more fun if you dress the part. Recently we decided to play CLUE for our game night. Each family member drew a card to decide which character they would be.

Let your kids be as creative as they want - the girls searched all the closets in the house to find things for their "costume" Think outside the box - doesn't have to be anything elaborate. For example, "Miss Scarlet" searched everyone's closet until she found something red.

I love to be surprised by their creativity - no one knew what each was wearing until time for the game. Once we revealed our characters, we had to pose for a picture(notice the "weapons") Pictured below: Miss White, Mr. Green, Col Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Miss Peacock, and Professor Plum

After multiple rounds of the game, we decided we should watch Clue the Movie. It was a fun night for all. If you have younger kids, they might enjoy CLUE Junior What other games could you play and incorporate dress up/costumes??


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