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Favorite Family Games

We love a good family game night. Our kids are at the age where they can play pretty much any game. Card games and strategy games are the best! It's a tricky way for us parents to get the teens to hang out with us! (links are affiliate links with shopstyle and amazon)

Strategy Games:

- Settlers of Catan -probably our all time favorite - add the expansion pack for more players

- Ticket to Ride - easier for kids to play (age 8 and up)

- 7 Wonders - great game of strategy

- Azul - a fun game of tiles

Card Games:

- Dutch Blitz - it's a speed game, so there's a good chance the kids will win! Get the

expansion pack so more people can play!

- Five Crowns - easier for younger kids to learn (age 8 and up) also a Junior version

- Uno - an oldie but goodie, try some of the new versions like Flip and Dos

- Phase10 - similar to rummy but with a twist

-SkipBo - its an old game, but so fun

Just Good Fun Games:

-Slapzi - a quick thinking game

-Tenzi - fun game with dice, good for all ages

-Dominoes - so many versions, all ages can play

-Clue - great game we all played as kids

-Monopoly - traditional but still fun and so many different versions, like StarWars

Hopefully this list will motivate you to start a FAMILY GAME NIGHT at your house!!!!

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