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Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

One thing our girls love to do is bake! We did a lot of baking during the quarantine. Even after trying lots of different recipes, these cookies remain our favorites. I'd like to have a cool story about it being a long time family recipe passed down from generation to generation - but the truth is - it's from the side of the Crisco package!

It's pretty basic, but we wanted to share a few tips we've learned through the years. *contains affiliate links

Here is the original recipe - shared with us from our good friend Kim, almost 20 years ago. As you can tell from the stains, we use this often


- We love using our Kitchen Aid stand up mixer

- A Pampered Chef stone seems to bake more evenly than others

- The Pampered Chef scoop makes the best size cookies

- Place on cooling rack, we use one similar to this

- You will need a glass of milk while you eat them

- Pretty mixing bowls/measuring cups make baking more fun! I love these from Pioneer

- We think 1 cup of chocolate chips is not enough - so throw in a few extra!!!!


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