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Tea Time

Who likes tea? Are you an iced tea person or hot tea? Maybe you are like me and drink both! I've always enjoyed a tall glass of iced tea, but have recently found a love for hot tea. Over spring break (before the days of quarantine and long days in our pajamas) we had a girls trip to Charleston, SC. One of the favorite things we did was visit Charleston Tea Plantation.

We were able to experience the process they use to make their delicious teas. All the tea leaves are grown right there on their plantation. I believe it's the only place in the United States where tea is grown. We were able to sample all the flavors of tea - my favorites are pictured below

You can order them online here or here or if you are local, Mast General carries a few flavors.

I also love my Rae Dunn mug that my mom bought me - you can find it at Marshall's or TJMaxx (if you're lucky)

What's your favorite flavor of tea?


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