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Virginia Creeper

We set out on an adventure to bike the Virginia Creeper. Several of our friends had suggested it - so we took a chance and went. It's worth the drive!! We left Knoxville early one morning and arrived in Damascus, VA. We have made reservations (highly recommended) with Sundog Outfitters. We were fitted for our bikes, basically making sure you get the right size bike for your height. They load the bikes on a trailer and we hopped in their van. It's about a 30 minute drive to the top - Whitetop Station. Once at the top, you just hop on your bike and cruise down. It took us about 3 hours to make it all the way down. We stopped to view the scenery and have some snacks (of course). The views are amazing. We went in October, so the leaves were the perfect color.


- It's much cooler at the top, so dress in layers

- A backpack or fannypack is nice to hold the snacks and the extra layers when you get warm

- There are a few places to stop and use the restroom - bring hand sanitizer

- The trail was a little muddy, so plan on getting a bit dirty.

- The bikes have a water bottle holder, so definitely bring water


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