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Where To Go To Sling a Disk

If you live in the Knoxville, TN, area, there are a lot of great places to play disc golf for a variety of skill levels. All I can do is give you some suggestions on places that I've been able to play, but I also know there are other great courses out there. So here are five courses around Knoxville from easiest to hardest (for me).

Inskip Junior Course: This is actually a really good place to start. The length of the holes is not too great and if you're just learning, it allows you to see what kind of holes are out there. Some are wide open and others are in the middle of the woods.

Plumb Creek: This is also a fun course, because it allows you really practice slinging disks. The holes vary in difficulty, but it's definitely not too difficult for someone just beginning. For an added bonus, there's a dog park right next to the course so there's always friendly faces.

Powell Station: This course is also a fun little course in the middle of North Knoxville. A lot of tree coverage, but also mixed with some open hole placements, makes this course a good location to raise the level of you game.

Victor Ashe: Not my favorite spot, but that may be because my skill level isn't super high. If you want to go somewhere to really throw a disc, then this may be the course for you. There are a lot of wide open holes allowing you tho throw it as hard as you want to.

Tommy Schumpert Park: This is what I would call my nemesis. For me, it's an extremely difficult course, but it's still fun. Victor Ashe and Tommy Schumpert are both 18 hole courses so it's gonna take some time to play the whole course. This course has some pretty difficult holes towards the end of the round, so just know "the hills come alive."

Again, the UDisc app is extremely helpful in keeping your score, but it's also great in helping you find local courses. Knoxville has some great courses, and I look forward to finding and playing more of them.

If you missed the post about my introduction to disc golf, you can read it here.


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