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Packing for a Cruise

We are planning to cruise soon - I've started my packing list, thought I would share... (no particular order)

Small Crossbody - for carrying phone(I use it for picture taking so I like to always have it close by) -

Fanny Pack - This is great for carrying your phone, chapstick, and sea pass card (the teenagers like this one)

Sunglasses - Grab a few cheap pairs or this super fun pair . I suggest cheap because your chances of loosing them are high! Also the reason I suggest a few pairs!

Lanyards - your cruise may require you to show your sea pass card at each meal, so lanyards are handy

Magnet for door (all the doors look the same) - This is a super cute personalized one

Travel Cup - I personally like to fill this cup and keep with me at my lounge chair - then I don't have to worry about refills as often!! Another option here

Carry On- pack anything you might need before your room is ready(think beach bag) - Your suitcase will be delivered to your cabin later in the day.

Power Strip - make sure it is cruise approved - Your cabin will probably only have 2 outlets. Personally, I have never used a power strip, but lots of people choose to take one. Some of the newer ships have more outlets, so you may not need this.

Phone Charger - a portable phone charger is nice, especially if you plan to use your phone for pictures and videos in each port.

Magnet Clips - these clips are great to use on the walls, I like to hang the daily schedule up - these are not a necessity, but nice to have a few.

Toiletries - travel size works best, This case is great for the small bathroom -

Hand Sanitizer (travel size) - keychain - this is mainly for the excursions. There is plenty of hand sanitizer on the ship

Passport holder - lots of colors to choose from - each member of our family has a different color - it makes it easier to find in the bag

Sunscreen - my favorite for my face - Some destinations require Reef Safe sunscreen - be sure to check your specific locations

Book - be sure to grab a book by your favorite author, or download it on your kindle

Oils - for motion sickness, peppermint is my go to oil for this -

Medicines - Dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness - I suggest the non drowsy

Snorkel Gear - many times you can rent this at your destination, we bought these and have used it on multiple cruises.

Cover up - This is my favorite cover up. I would feel comfortable wearing it to the buffet for lunch. I ordered up a size for extra flowy look and some length!

Swimsuits - I suggest bringing at least two

Pool shoes/deck shoes - you may be walking from one end of the ship to the other - make sure you are comfy! I also like to pack my tennis shoes - the ship will have a walking track around, it's a nice little work out. Check out your ships gym as well - you may want to do a few workouts.

Clothing - Comfortable clothing for each day of cruise (some days may be spent in a swimsuit all day!) Proper attire for your excursions, some may require closed toed shoes. Be sure you check! We like to dress up for dinner each night. Most cruises have a 'dress your best' night. It's typically not as formal as in the past (pre covid) Check with your cruise line for dress code - I usually recommend to dress as if you were attending a wedding. I've seen people in shorts and others in prom dresses. Other nights, you can usually find me in a simple sun dress. A sweatshirt or jacket for the evenings - it can be very breezy on the ship.

Just a few suggestions for your cruise - Some links are affiliate links

**Here's a great post from another travel agent**


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